A little about me…

Hey peoples! I just wanted to share a little about myself so you know whos blog your taking a look at… First off, my Name is Austin. Im ginger. I love to read but cant get into a book enough to not be able to stop. I am going to be a Marine, right now im a Devil Pup, still a poolie in the DEP program for the Marine Corps. My ship date for boot camp is Aug 21st (I expect you all there). I play guitar but im very limited. And I work at a Mexican restaurant…. let me know if theres anything else you want to know… I cant think of anything really else to say… anyway, ill hang my hat and talk to you all later… till next time!



Hey guys! sorry it’s been so long peoples! high school got in the way and it doesnt help when I also forgot my login password to my blog… But im back now! Something that happened in my life over my spring break was me and some friends went out to rifle falls. We got lots of pictures so ill be sure to shw you all… other than that not much new has happened… my prom is coming up and i still have to decide, tie… or… Bow Tie! What do you guys think? leave a comment about what you think and we’ll see what the popular choice is… for now though, ill hang my hat and be back soon. Have a totally awesome Tuesday guys!


Formal Letter


Things change. The world has changed from what it was, we have advanced in relations, technologies, and race. We’ve improved, we have grown, we have made friends and and even lost some on the way. We have abolished slavery. We have improved how we treat each other,races included. We have grown. Or have we just been lying to ourselves? Continue reading “Formal Letter”

Open Letter to the American People on race

February 13, 2017

People of America,

First off, I hope you’re all doing well on this beautiful day. I’m writing in regards to an English class assignment, “to write a letter to the American people about race relations in this country.” My assignment is not only to white about race relations in America but also compare that to the movies 42, The Butler, and the book Fences.

Continue reading “Open Letter to the American People on race”

The Start of Something New 2/22/17

Hey guys! My name is Austin, and this is my blog. I just made it and I thought I’d give blogging a try. I would love to talk about things you guys request, so I added a comments bit below. I’m going to start with posting on this once a week, see how that goes. If it is working out then I’ll definitely be posting more. For now I just wanted to say hello to the world! And welcome!

Why Create a Blog?

Welcome to my site.  This is the place where I create relevant content that can be used by all of humanity.  Take some time to dig around and read all of the juicy content found here.

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